I am a bilingual (Spanish-speaking) and bi-cultural therapist who values the strength of the trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship. You might feel overwhelmed with finding a therapist if you are already feeling stuck. It can be hard to find someone to disclose your feelings to a “new person” during your time of vulnerability. My warm, empathetic, and non-directive approach has helped those new to therapy feel comfortable disclosing their most difficult emotions and experiences. My approach is collaborative, where I can guide you to find the right tools so you can feel in control of your life again.

It’s easy to suppress our emotions when we have work, family, and friends to distract us. Perhaps you’ve reached a point where this is not enough. You have noticed changes in your mood, sleep, and you don’t feel like yourself. I can help you identify and work through those internal roadblocks that are deterring you from leading a happier and fulfilling life.

Therapy is a unique process of learning, introspection, and openness to change. Together we can create a safe space where you feel understood, validated, and empowered. I am with you if you are ready to take the first step. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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